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Donald J. Trump-Scott "Koch Lackey" Walker 2016: Wall Off the Borders

The Trumpster: Arrogant, Insulting and Potty-mouth

Son Like "Father" or Benefactor

From Mr. T-rump reported by various sources like here from The Guardian:

In the race for the White House among the GOP field at least is a strong call for immigration reform with Trump out front pushing the issue of border security to the fore – and pushing his fellow GOP contenders further to the right.

He thinks the best way forward is, quite simply, to build a southern wall. He thus far is the clear poll leader among Republican voters as he repeatedly calls for a wall along the length of the US-Mexico border and in his words: “Make Mexico pay for it.”

Further he says, “I would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us the money to build the wall,” he said in June, adding: “I would build it. I’m very good at building things.” 

Undaunted by his earlier harsh and ugly words against immigrants coming here undocumented, Trump argues that it would be feasible to build such a barrier, citing as evidence the Great Wall of China, next to which his wall would cost “peanuts.” 

And, from Trump's perhaps likely choice for VP we have Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI): He hold a holds a similar view about walling off Mexico, plus one better as it were as he proposes: Building a wall between the U.S. and Canada.

Related: Walker-Koch relationship here and here.  And, his wall proposal here.   

Their team motto, should they become the final GOP team: “Wall Off America: What the Hell — Make Us Great Again…!!!”

Whew boy ... !!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

T-rump Appeal: Ugly and Dangerous, Okay for Many, or Way Off the Mark

The Crowd He Panders to Most: Whites Only
(Divide, Separate and Alienate

Best Location for Trump Supporters
(Climb in, plenty of room)

Extracted from Yahoo News – my editing enables it to fit this blog format – contents are basically the same as original (reported by Michael Walsh).
Donald Trump picked up an endorsement last week — one that, uncharacteristically, he chose not to boast about. It was from David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader and Louisiana state representative, who asserted on his radio show that the GOP frontrunner “… understands the real sentiment of America, and I think he realizes that his path to popularity toward power in the Republican Party is talking about the immigration issue. He has really said some incredibly great things recently. So whatever his motivation, I don’t give a damn. I really like the fact that he’s speaking.” (Duke’s comments flagged by Buzz Feed).
As Trump has galvanized the anti-immigration movement, seizing control of a primary process that was supposed to be about traditional Republican economic and foreign-policy issues, he has begun attracting support from some of the more unsavory elements on the right-wing fringe: neo-Nazis, Klansmen and white-power advocates. (Note: The Daily Stormer, described by the New Yorker as “…America’s most popular neo-Nazi news site” quickly endorsed Trump (Note: their leader Craig Cobb, who gained national attention in 2013 over a failed plan to set up a whites-only town in ND, has resurrected the idea, and said he would name the place after Trump).
White racism and anti-immigrant nativism obviously share some attributes, but they have different policy implications and constituencies that don’t entirely overlap. So could Trump’s enormous magnetism be bringing them together?
Trump himself hasn’t made race an overt issue in his campaign or in his previous flirtations with public office. The consistent theme in his views over the decades has been xenophobia, directed at foreigners he blames for every shortcoming of the American economy — Japan and Germany when he was writing his books in the 1980s, China and Mexico now.
In any case, his campaign this year hasn’t made much of an effort to reach out to minorities. Over the weekend, he said he knows nothing about the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality.
Trump further has said: “I know nothing about it. I’m seeing lots of bad stuff about it right now (Trump said in a FOX News interview that Think Progress flagged). He then called Democratic presidential nominee O’Malley a “…disgusting little weak pathetic baby” for apologizing to activists who took offense at his comment that “black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” Then Trump added: “When I watched that whole thing going on and how they’re pandering … I think it’s a disgrace.”
In April 2015, when civil unrest broke out in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, then Trump tweeted, “Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!”
Black Americans have taken notice. Earlier this month, Gallup released a sample of data collected between July 8 and August 8 on each presidential candidate’s favorability among African-American adults. Gallup data says Trump is by far the least popular candidate with the black community.

Trump is the candidate who will struggle most among blacks. Trump’s familiarity among blacks is about on par with Clinton’s, but he is deeply disliked. Nearly seven in 10 blacks have an unfavorable view of him — by far the highest negative opinion of any candidate. 
Blacks presumably haven’t forgotten the issue Trump brought to national prominence with his birth certificate disbelief rants (his unfounded speculation that Mr. Obama was born in Africa, which was often seen in the 2012 campaign as a proxy for racism) (Note: I would add: clearly it was racism and hatred). Trump then publicly doubted whether Mr. Obama’s grades were good enough to get into Columbia University or Harvard Law School, saying in part: “I heard he was a bad student. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?” (Note: Trump told the Associated Press in April 2011 then he added. “I’m thinking about it. I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.”
That was widely viewed as both a slur on Obama’s intellect and an attack on affirmative action, implying that the future president benefited from racial preferences. Trump has often boasted about his own college grades, but his campaign has refused requests, including by the conservative website Daily Caller to release his own transcripts
Various other statements about Trump:
1.  From Reason magazine: Report about former NM Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson: “Trump is appealing to a segment that many label simply as racist since it exists, and it’s out there. And, you know what? I don’t want to have anything to do with it. It embarrasses me. The electorate will paint the entire Republican Party with a broad brush as a result of Trump, and it won’t be positive,” Johnson concluded in his interview.

2.  Chris Christie: Even his brashness, which once felt refreshing to disaffected conservatives tired of “typical politicians,” now seems downright pedestrian to the legions of Trump converts.

3.  Trump’s GOP rivals: Like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush have both waded into divisive discussions with increasingly radical comments.  

4.  Republican strategists: Many fear Trump’s immigration streak will irrevocably alienate the nation’s growing demographic of Hispanic voters from the party.

5.  From The Atlantic magazine: Republican Party elites can already envision the attack Ads of sad-eyed children being torn from their parents. The harsh immigration rhetoric doesn’t only offend Latino voters, they say — it hurts the party with other minority groups, with moderates and independents, with young voters and with women.

6.  The Web magazine, the Federalist: Trump has tapped into widespread anger that could transform the party by seeing that Trump presents a choice for the Republican Party about which path to follow: (1) a path toward a coalition that is broad, classically liberal, and consistent with the party’s history, or (2) a path toward a coalition that is reduced to the narrow interests of identity politics for white people (only). The voters will get to decide, and a lot is riding on the outcome.
Conclusion: A Trump spokesperson declined to address the various issues affecting the African-American community, or the David Duke comments and endorsement.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dopes Imitate the Ninny: Worth Watching - No Admission - Laughs Galore

Walker and Bush: Reflection of The Donald - What a Hoot...

The headlines from Salon.com here tell the story, here in part;

“Walker and Bush Try Trumpism: Unsurprisingly, They Just Look Like Dopes”

Maybe Bill Kristol was right: “This GOP field is just one dope after another, trying to out-dope each other, failing, and letting America’s ultimate dope comfortably expand his lead.” (sic)
Let’s just consider how well two of the alleged front runners, Scott “Koch Clone” Walker and JEB (John Ellis Bush) Bush, have been handling the Trump menace this week.
We have been mocking these two poor, hapless souls a lot recently. That’s because they keep doing highly mockable things. They kept it up recently with further comical assaults on their dignity that is anyone’s guess will not substantially cut into Trump’s lead.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pied Piper with Trumpet: Fall in Line and Get With My 4-Point Program

Toot, Toot: I know how you all love a new toon, so this is mine.

My 4-point program, or plan, if you will ...

My plan: (1) Me, (2) Myself, (3) and I, and of course: (4) Moi. 

I am on top of the plan. I am the sole proprietary owner. The plan is all mine. It is clearly mapped out above as you can plainly see. 

My plan route is clear. The path is well-chartered. I have the money to go the whole distance. I am prepared to do, say, pay, try, lie, imply, or deny anything to that end. No matter how long it takes.

Notice how I easily and freely I use the pronoun “I” why is that do you think? 

Because this race is just about me – it always has been and it always will be. I am the only PR guru in this race. I am who I am; deal with it.  

BTW: My on-line campaign store is open for business – stop by and buy something. We will have contests later on for you to stay at a Trump Tower of your choice, and at my campaign’s expense, assuming that it legal (wink/wink). Check out the store and enjoy. My personal fav T(rump)-shirt:

Like I said, I am who I am.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Re-emphasis: Voter Fraud Issue Benefits GOP Also Big Bogus Issue

A National Movement is Sorely Needed for 2016 and Beyond

How to Stop the Wild Elephants

This topic needs a refocus to wake up the voting community before we  have a repeat of either 2010 or 2014... now is the time to act. Therefore, I offer this review and two excellent sources.

1.  Here from excellent source that tracks this issue — The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU.

2.  Here from one of the best in the business — Bill Moyers.com.

A couple of highlights vis-á-vis the concept of voter fraud and more strict rules are needed:
  • Fraud by individual voters is both irrational and extremely rare.
  • Many vivid anecdotes of purported voter fraud have been proven false or do not demonstrate fraud.
  • Voter fraud is often conflated with other forms of election misconduct.
  • Raising the unsubstantiated specter of mass voter fraud suits a particular policy agenda.

When there has been election fraud in American elections, it has usually been committed by politicians, party operatives and election officials who have something at stake in electoral outcome. 

Voters rarely commit fraud because for them, it is a motiveless crime, the individual benefits to the fraudulent voter are immaterial, while the costs are prohibitive.

The most important illustration of outright corruption of elections is the century-long success of white supremacists in the American South stripping African-Americans of their right to vote. Elites and party bosses in the urban North followed the Southern example, using some of the same tricks to manipulate electoral outcomes and to disfranchise immigrants and the poor.

Monday, August 17, 2015

GOP "Center of Attention" Donald J. T-rump: Bye, Bye GOP

Star Attraction

Not Much Else to Add to That

GOP and T-rump Viewers and Most-Likely Supporters

Two sources vis-a-vis Trump's base of support at this early stage:

Multiple polls show Trump does better among men than women. Some polling reveals that Trump supporters are more likely to be: (1) male, (2) white, (3) older, and (4) with less education.

Fox News poll finds that among likely Republican primary voters, 23 percent of men want Trump as the GOP nominee compared to 13 percent of women.

CNN/ORC finds nearly identical numbers.

Then mix this in which shows his judgment: Trump says he would consider Sarah Palin for a place in his administration. Cite:

Trump appeared on The Palin Update, a show dedicated to all things Palin. Right after Trump hailed Palin as a “tough and smart leader who bravely stood up to disgusting lies,” the show host, Kevin Scholla asked him if in a Trump administration he could see himself picking up the phone and giving her a call to pick her brain on some things, or even perhaps asking her to serve in some official capacity.

Trump responded: “I’d love that. Because she really is somebody who knows what’s happening and she’s a special person, she’s really a special person and I think people know that. Everybody loves her" (implying his current Republican rivals are weak and ineffective leaders to a degree that’s actually almost hard to believe then he added), “the voters like the Sarah Palin kind of strength, you just don’t see very much of it anymore.”

Whew boy. That's a good note to end on isn't it? God, I hope he get the GOP nod and picks Palin for what,  Secretary of State since she lives close to and can see Russia from her front yard. 

That would be very helpful in dealing with Vova Putin (Russian diminutive for Vladimir).

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Exposing GOP Candidate Hypocrisy: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Starting Point 

I will start reviewing each GOP candidate commencing with this post. First out of the shoot is perhaps the biggest and phoniest of them all, or a close 2nd: Sen. Rubio from Florida. A few tidbits to start this series:

  1. TAXES:  “We should keep rates low on everyone. Simplify our tax code by getting rid of unjustified loopholes. Generate new revenue by creating new taxpayers, not new taxes.”
  2. PUBLIC EDUCATION:  “We need to allow charter schools and other innovative schools to flourish. The key to that is empowering parents. Parents should be the ultimate decision makers on where their children go to school. All our parents should be able to send their children to the school of their choice.”
  3. GOVERNMENT:  “Big government is not effective government. Big government has never worked. The promise of more government as the answer to all our problems is easy to sell. But when it is put in practice, it fails every time.”
  4. HEALTH CARE:  “People should be able to buy a health care plan that fits their needs and budget, from any company in America that is willing to sell it to them.”
  5. ENERGY:  “American innovation has now given us access to massive new deposits of oil and natural gas, making America the most energy rich country on the planet.”

  • Consensus that life begins at conception; so no abortion (May 2014).
  • I believe in protecting life but I'm not a chauvinist (Mar 2013).
  • Pro-life, but understands that woman's right is the law (Jun 2012).
  • Expand birth control exemption for faith-based organizations (Jun 2012).
  • Opposed Sotomayor nomination based on her Roe support (Jun 2012).
  • Prohibit federal funding for abortion (May 2011).
  • No right to privacy, that resulted in the Roe v. Wade (Feb 2010).
  • Require ultrasounds before performing abortions (Feb 2010).
  • Opposes both federal abortion funding & judicial activism (Aug 2010).
  • Supports prohibiting human embryonic stem cell research (Aug 2010).
  • Supports giving legal protection to unborn children (Sep 2010).
  • Voted against funding stem cell research (Apr 2006).
The source of Rubio’s money. My label is his “sugar daddy” (sort of) seen here.

And, the pièce de résistance about this man's hypocrisy, even now as he bashes President Obama about his decision to having normal relations with Cuba as I guess Rubio prefers war with Cuba??

Recall that in 2011 in a speech at the Reagan Center, Mr. Rubio said in part that: “Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid have weakened us a people” implying that if you are sick or in need care and can't afford, it, just well … do as your neighbors did in the olden days like this former GOP candidate once said. “When you visit your doctor and you don’t have money you just give him a couple of chickens.” Remember that analogy from Sue Lowden, the GOP senate candidate from Nevada a few years ago? 

Here we are today with Rubio pretty much sounding the same saying about those programs - just how awful they are except of course, when they were there to help his sick and dying father. 

For a longer version, the entire ceremony at the Reagan can be seen here from C-Span (it is about one hour).

The bottom line on Mr. Rubio is this my assessment; He is a lying, sleazy weasel who will do, say, pay, try, lie, imply, or deny anything to get into office and stay in office, or like now to reach a the highest office in the land. That must never happen. 

Knowing who he is and what he stands for and has said should be proof enough for anyone. That is my purpose.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Compare the Two "Leading Candidates" This Week: Hey, Why Not

It has been said (choose your reference and number)
"A picture is worth a 1,000 or 10,000 words"
Bernie Sanders (BLUE) and Donald Trump (RED)

Hands down, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is drawing the crowds no one else (any candidate) even comes close to - why? I have a few ideas or hunches and much of that is listed in the fine article.

More depth and to the point of this post is the GOP's "leading" candidate at least at this point. He is the one presently grabbing all the headlines and sucking all the air (mostly his own hot air) out of the room while knocking the media or name calling anyone in arm’s reach that he dislikes and later he says: "Hey, so what, that's me, live with it. I'm a whiner and I whine until I win." That sounds more like a bully than a presidential candidate to me.  That man is no one other than Mr. Reality Show himself, always the star (of course and by careful design), Mr. Donald J. Trump (R-NY).

I could list the good, the bad, and the ugly about him all day and probably you could, too. Suffice it to say, the point is that these two men right now are out front drawing crowds unseen this early in many campaign years. Sen. Sanders certainly has the edge on all of them seen in the story above and that article is a bit dated since he now leads HILL in NH right now, but that can and will most likely change again. The question is why — what's going on here. Is is the debate showing the reason? On the GOP it seems to be. Look at how their line up shifted with surprises after that first debate.

I just read an article about Trump that says a lot about him and his constant leader poll number that, and in a way I believe many of us have described his campaign at least at this very early stage. The piece is written by a very good journalist, Matt Bai, a  reputable National Political Columnist here that he labels Trumpmania.”  It is an excellent article and hardly misses anything in my view. It is a worthwhile read for sure.  

Finally, I will keep updating on all of them (at least those I find more important that some others). I mean, who knows who the leader(s) will be next week? Boy, this thing is going to be long isn't it?

Stay tuned as always, and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 10, 2015

GOP Problems: Many But First Look at Line-up, Debate, and Results

Cartoonists Are in Hog Heaven 
(the line-up)

Post-Debate Poll
(proof lies with the GOP voters)

Two links to emphasize underscore the subject of this post (one here) and (other here):

What everyone is talking about and exactly what Mr. D. Trump wants: He in the spotlight and the “talk of the town” as it were.

[T-rump that I call him] “... remains in poll position to take the Republican presidential nomination despite the Megyn Kelly so-called “bloodgate” scandal.” 

That is according to the latest NBC News Online Poll (posted above), in which the tycoon came out on top of Republican primary voters asked who won the debate and who they would cast their ballot for if the poll was held now.

All that despite his comments about FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly following her question to him re: his statements about women (which BTW I consider she asked a “fair and balanced” (pun intended) question. 

He slammed her for grilling him on his attitude to women during the debate, and a matter of fact, I insert here, he has not lightened up and in fact for a week now has poured more gas on that fire not putting it out, but keeping it and him in the center of attention, which I said, is Trump's style and technique: “Look at me, only me, me and no one else but me.” 

That's it for today.... the problems and ultimate solutions lie within the GOP as they sort through this mess – so, good luck with that (grin).  

Stay tuned. It ain't over yet.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

IRAN NUKE DEAL: Schumer Wrong and Netanyahu Undue Lobbying

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)
(and yes, he is my NY Senator)

Related to the story (various sources):

•  Anti-deal groups (i.e., AIPAC, et al) flu$h with ca$h are flooding congre$$ional office$ with call$ and email$ to $top the agreement deal.

•  The White House has launched an all-hands-on-deck approach involving nearly every major national security official to defend the agreement deal.

The bill as introduced in the Senate can be seen and read here (S. 615):

3rd Update from the WSJ in part: 

JERUSALEM  — The push by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to defeat the Iran nuclear deal on Capitol Hill is causing concern, even among this home country opponents of the agreement, that the campaign could further fray the country’s ties with the U.S. This all comes nearly five months after Netanyahu won a resounding victory for a third consecutive term as Israel’s PM, yet he faces increasing unease among Israelis as he campaigns to gain support in congress to turn the deal down that would limit Iran’s nuclear program. 

A vote is now pending in congress that just went on their summer recess until early-to-mid September.

Mr. Netanyahu’s intensive lobbying against the nuclear deal was evident again recently in a Web cast hosted by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, as he urged American Jews to “stand up and be counted and oppose a dangerous deal.”
Some other examples from Israelis:

This statement from said Mr. Gidi Rahat, a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute who said: “PM Netanyahu has made the subject of the Iran deal contentious and aligned himself with the American Republican Party. Some of his supporters feel that he was too obstinate and … they are fatigued.”
This from Malcolm Hoenlein: He told Israeli reporters in Washington that Mr. Netanyahu’s vigorous campaigning was causing “discomfort” in the American Jewish community, and added: “Israeli governments should not be telling American Jews what to do vis-à-vis their governments, and we shouldn’t be telling Israelis what they should do vis-à-vis their government.” He then concluded: “I think that Israeli officials should make the case, on the content, on the substance, and we will do the good job of translating it into activity.” 
2nd Update from here, in part and very disturbing to say the least:  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been pushing lawmakers to oppose the nuclear agreement, which he considers a threat to his country's survival. Some pro-Israel groups have also been spending millions of dollars on an advertising campaign to push members of Congress to vote no.

No  pressure from the outside with narrow self-interests, right ... okee, dokee.

1st Update - I call it "Schumer's A-bomb" ... from the NY Times here, in part: 

WASHINGTON — Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), considered one of the most influential Jewish voices in Congress on Thursday night (August 6, 2015) said in pat that he would oppose 
President Obama’s agreement deal to limit Iran’s Nuclear program, saying in a statement: 

Advocates on both sides have strong cases for their point of view that cannot simply be dismissed. This has made evaluating the agreement a difficult and deliberate endeavor, and after deep study, careful thought and considerable soul-searching, I have decided I must oppose the agreement and will vote yes on a motion of disapproval.”

This issue has bothered me for some time, in fact ever since Mr. Schumer self-labeled himself as the “Guardian of Israel picked by God himself” (delivered in an AIPAC speech in 2010 (Note: the YouTube of that speech has been pulled - and God only know why).

 ....  A short reminder:

During that speech he told the audience that his name “Shomer" means guardian. He would like us all to believe that, like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, he is agonizing over his decision on whether to approve the Iranian deal or not.  Promising his constituents that he will not commit until he has carefully absorbed, studied and evaluated all relevant information, Mr. Schumer publicly hides his views while paraphrasing the Bard’s well-known soliloquy: “To vote or not to vote, that is the question.” Except that he’s not. 

This man is a slick, clever politician who is front and center at a press conference to announce his position before anyone even knew a position was called for. He craves the center of attention. I do not favor "grandstanding on any issue the way he does."

Mr. Schumer has been called many things in the past, but “careful and deliberate” are not among them. More importantly, there is no more data for Schumer to digest. The Iranian deal has been the subject of more detailed scrutiny than any presidential initiative in recent memory. 

Anyone can read the agreement and access hundreds of well-articulated views of experts in the fields of foreign relations, anti-terrorism and military strategy. Imagine how much more information is available to a United States Senator.

He knows all he needs to know about the Iranian deal, but all along all he is doing is playing a sick game of politics - which is his style - some have said the "most dangerous place in the world is to stand between Chuck Schumer and a microphone and camera." That apparently is truer than fiction.

Back to that 2010 AIPAC speech, and as I said that tape has been pulled from YouTube. One can only surmise why the Schumer “team” whoever they is, would pull the tape. But, I think I know why. However, a similar set of remarks on the same "self-labeling by God to be the Guardian of Israel" can be read here ...

As I said the AIPAC speech has been pulled off the Internet. A key part of that speech in his own words he concluded in his remarks that “God, himself, deputized him to be Israel's man in the Senate and repeats this same message.” Another reference to that speech can be found here but clicking on the YouTube tape produces "tape failure message - no longer available for viewing." 

NOTE: The video seen here is not the original AIPAC video but the message is just as clear. 

Finally, I would like to say as clearly as possible: If Mr. Schumer is somehow instrumental in killing this deal (and he as I stated above announced he will oppose it), then I will make it my life's effort to run against him even if it takes all my strength and money in the world on that issue plus his views about detainee torture (e.g., he once said torture is okay in some cases). 

Mr. Schumer is a U.S. Senator, thus a guardian for America and NY but NOT Israel has he professes

The die is cast (“Alea est jacta!” Julius Caesar, 49 B.C.). If Mr. Schumer sticks by his opposition and vote on this deal, then he must resign from office, go to Israel and seek a seat in the Knesset, or start his new job with AIPAC. 

If possible I will with all my might try run and fill the seat and then offer genuine and honest leadership on tough issue like this, which I honestly believe he is not, plus his stance on torture as I said earlier, too. He is a showman, I am not.  

I would oppose him with all my fiber and might on the issue and not personality. His rationale makes no sense; none whatsoever. Any race against him would be an uphill battle, for sure, but Sen. Charles Schumer, his personal religious or other convictions aside, is a United States Senator not a Jewish one or servant for AIPAC (and believe me, I respect their mission - just not their methods).

He has to go. His effectiveness and judgment are now both seriously in question on those two issues (Iranian nuclear agreement and torture). Mine is not.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Koch's Worth $85 Billion: Get Gov Subsidies and Loan Backing - Go Figure

Pollution, Air Problems - So, What

That photo grab and this intro from PR Watch.org here, in part:

The fossil fuel barons, Charles and David Koch (their wealth is estimated to be $82 billion), have long advocated for “economic freedom” and a smaller government. They have slammed collectivism and market distorting subsidies.

My Inserted Note: Click on the “Koch Industries” list here and voila! $157 million in state and federal subsidies are revealed, with an additional $6.2 million in federal loan guarantees.

In 2012, Charles Koch wrote decried corporate welfare and “crony capitalism” in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, saying:  “Far too many well-connected businesses are feeding at the federal trough. By addressing corporate welfare as well as other forms of welfare, we would add a whole new level of understanding to the notion of entitlement reform.” 

Here is a list of the candidates who got Koch money from excellent trackers on this issue — seen here — check it out. (My congressional Rep. got $15,200.00 from them for her first run) — I suspect she will get more next cycle — that's the nature of this game since the USSC (Citizens United) gave the green light for a handful of billionaires to buy and own candidates and if their money wins, they own the country de facto.

Once again we clearly see the power of big money and it is well to recall these words from former justice Brandeis: “We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.”

More this subject here – a good read. Thanks for stopping by